BTEC Business

This exciting BTEC course is an ideal choice for students with entrepreneurial ambitions who want to cover a range of business areas including marketing, finance and communications.

This fascinating course covers areas such as the business environment, which looks at different types of businesses and the effects of the economy, as well as business resources, which provides a great introduction to finance.

In Year 12 you will study a range of business organisations like Tesco, Unilever, BBC, and the challenges they face.聽 You will find out how and why Greggs have adapted their portfolio to introduce 鈥渇ood on the go鈥, and the vegan sausage roll and research the production of electric vehicles at Jaguar Land Rover plc.

You will also get to plan a promotional campaign for a selected business having conducted your own market research.

In Year 13 you will study finance, including which bank account is the most suitable for a client, and how to interpret financial documents

You will develop essential life skills by participating in a recruitment and selection exercise that models a 鈥渞eal life 鈥 business.

Extracurricular activities have included trips overseas and in the UK.聽 BTEC students received a behind the scenes tour at Madame Tussauds in New York, finding out about how they selected their wax figures at each site and the plans for further exhibits.聽 Students have also visited Chester Zoo where they were able to gain insight into the market segmentation model used by the zoo from 鈥渇amilies first鈥 to 鈥渓ive life to the full鈥 to target customers.


Many of our students go onto study further at university with popular choices being business management, accountancy, banking, marketing, and human resource management. Other students have started full-time employment, started their own business or an apprenticeship.

All of our students leave Sir John Deane鈥檚 more aware of themselves as a consumer in the modern world and most importantly, of the power that gives them.

Exploring Businesses 鈥 Coursework聽聽 25%

Developing a marketing campaign 鈥 Controlled Assessment聽 25%

Personal & Business Finance 鈥 Exam Paper聽 33%

Recruitment & Selection Process 鈥 Coursework聽 17%


Exploring Business (Coursework)

In this introductory unit, learners study the purposes of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the external environment, and how they need to be dynamic and innovative to survive.

Developing a Marketing Campaign (Controlled Assessment):

Marketing is a dynamic field central to the success of any business. You will gain an understanding of how a marketing campaign is developed. You will explore different stages of the process that a business goes through when developing its campaign and develop your own campaign for a given product/service. Students have the opportunity to visit Chester Zoo and receive a talk on their marketing practices.

Personal & Business Finance (Exam)

Learners study the purpose and importance of personal and business finance. They will develop the skills and knowledge needed to understand, analyse and prepare financial information.

Recruitment & Selection Process (Coursework)

Learners explore how the recruitment process is carried out in a business. The unit gives learners the opportunity to participate in selection interviews and review their performance.

A great starting point for students joining us in September is Chapter 1 of 鈥淏TEC Business: Book 1: Level 3鈥 by John Bevan; Helen Coupland-Smith; Rob Dransfield; Catherine Richards.

A good Business student will keep up to date with what’s going on in the wold of business, and keep their eyes on the news. We recommend you follow BBC Business on the BBC news app.



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BTEC Extended Certificate

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