As a challenging and constantly evolving subject, Law will allow you to develop your research, debating and critical analysis skills, by immersing you in legal and moral issues that must be solved through clear thought and precise rationale.

Law affects virtually all aspects of our lives, from driving a car to negotiating business contracts. It is far from just a set of dry rules 鈥 this is an interesting, stimulating, entertaining, but testing subject.
You will study the English legal system, including how laws are made and implemented, as well as examining areas such as human rights law and the role of the legal profession.

Other topics include Criminal Law and the rules involved in murder, manslaughter, assault, battery, actual bodily harm and grievous bodily harm. You will study property offences including theft, robbery and burglary and the different defences a defendant may try to claim. There is no coursework involved; it is all assessed by examinations.

As a law student at Sir John Deane’s you will have many unique opportunities to see law in practice through participating in mock trials, as well as through talks given by visiting barristers, solicitors, local magistrates and also past students. We run trips to local courts to watch trials of local crimes and also visit London where we go to The Houses of Parliament, the Old Bailey and the Supreme Court. The College also runs an active Law Society that meets during co-curricular time on a Wednesday afternoon.

A level Law provides an excellent background for many university courses and careers, not only in law, but also in journalism, local and central Government, public relations and a range of management and commercial areas. It is widely recognised by employers as a rigorous academic discipline.

The Legal System and Criminal Law – Exam Paper – 33.3% of marks

Law Making and the Law of Tort – Exam Paper – 33.3% of marks

The Nature of Law And Human Rights Law – Exam Paper – 33.3% of marks


Legal System and Criminal Law
Topics include: Courts; Lay People and Dispute Resolution; Legal Personnel; Access to Justice;
Fatal Offences against the Person; Non-Fatal Offences against the Person; Offences against Property; General Defences

Law Making and Law of Tort
Topics include: Parliamentary Law Making; Delegated Legislation; Statutory Interpretation; Judicial Precedent; Law Reform; Law of the European Union; Liability in Negligence; Occupier鈥檚 Liability; Vicarious Liability

The Nature of Law and Human Rights Law
Topics include: Law and Morality; Law and Justice; Law and Society as well as Articles 5,6,8,10 & 11 of the ECHR


Students may wish to look at the various A level textbooks that are published by Hodder Education to gain an insight into the topics to be studied throughout the first year and beyond.

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